Sir William at Nine Months

Sir William at Nine Months


William has been doing what weanlings are very good at – growing! Watch me move!

Sir William enjoys the great outdoors and spending time playing and socializing with other horses. This is an important activity for him. He needs to learn how to behave safely around humans and how to interact with other horses.


Winter has been very mild this year with higher than normal temperatures and lack of snow. January only saw an average precipitation of 2.5 inches for our area. The average annual snowfall for Schenectady is about 59 inches so we have a long way to go! A REAL snowfall most likely will come, but for right now, William has only had a few flakes fall past his nose.




William has a natural curiosity about his world. He lets his nose lead him from one adventure to another.

Like foals, weanlings will run and play until tired then take a nap, . . . And, after that nap, there is nothing like rolling and giving yourself a good shake!

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