Equine Staff

Horses are incredible teachers if you are willing to listen, learn and enjoy what they have to offer you. Each one of our horses has their own unique talents to share. Several of these horses are available for onsite partial lease.

We would like to introduce you to our equine staff:


Raleigh is a Percheron Welsh cobb who is trained in the grand prix movements of dressage but has the patience and ability to teach all levels of riders. His approving nicker will warm your heart.


Keeper, a chestnut Thoroughbred, has smooth collected gaits. After a celebrated career in jumping that included world-wide travel, he is enjoying his second career in dressage.


Ike is a glistening black Thoroughbred. He is a highly intelligent and motivated teaching partner. He has participated in numerous local dressage shows receiving excellent scores.


Gibson, a Percheron quarter horse, has been trained to fourth level dressage. His playful personality makes time with him enjoyable.

lesson - gabby

Gabby, a sturdy Halflinger, has a growing fan base at our farm. She is noted for making Karol laugh and being well groomed by the kids. They take special care to make sure she is color-coordinated. She is good at dressage, jumping and has experience in the pony club.

lesson - emma

Emma is an Oldenburg mare who prides herself on her large brown ears and long stride. She has a forward and steady gait and has proven to be a very talented dressage horse.

lesson - duckie

Dolce a.k.a. Duckie is a very tall Trakehner that has won the hearts of many at HillCroft. Duckie is well-schooled in dressage, over fences and enjoys her lessons with students of all levels.. If you ask her correctly, she just might do a Spanish walk for you too!

lesson - robar

Robarski a.k.a. Robar is a Thoroughbred gelding who came to us after a short racing career. He has become a valuable lesson horse and especially looks forward to his rides with his owner, Kelley. Originally, Robar came to Sally Bauder with many problems and is one of the main reasons HillCroft Stables was established. Many thanks to you, Robar!

lesson - marnie

Grand Marnier a.k.a. Marnie is an 18 hands tall Canadian warmblood. She excels at dressage winning blue ribbons! Marnie is a gentle lady and proud mother of William, our home-bred gelding.

lesson - ellie

Ellie is a Leopard Appaloosa mare that really enjoys jumping, eating, and working on her dressage career (in no particular order…Well, maybe food should have been listed first). She prides herself on being able to be ‘spotted’ anywhere!

Retired – with appreciation for their years of faithful service

lesson - boey

London Fog a.k.a. Boey is a Quarter horse gelding retired from his days as a hunter/jumper. Boey enjoys his days of leisure and the extra special attention he has earned – along with carrots, apples, and other assorted treats.


Josie is a Pinto pony retired from her days of teaching children how to ride. She offers a friendly nicker whenever anyone enters the barn.