Sir William at Three Months

Sir William at Three Months

Time has gone by very quickly for our little guy – who is not so little any more.

How tall will he be?

One method of predicting a horse’s mature height is to measure on a straight line from the front of a front leg from the corona or hairline and extending the line to the middle of the knee joint. Using this measure, Sir William will be about 17 hands at maturity.


How does he spend his days?

William still shares the “double-wide” stall with his mother, Marnie. He now eats hay just like his mom and drinks from his water bucket.

In addition to learning how to wear his halter and walk like a gentleman on his lead rope, he has discovered playing with balls (and training cones) can be a lot of fun for a curious guy.




Watching the world go by and looking just fine in his halter!


Stepping out with Marnie.


Looking like he owns the world (and certainly our hearts).


I got it . . . I got it . . .


See William in action!

After all that fun and fresh air, someone looks ready to go back to his stall for a snack and a nap.


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