Sir William at Six Months

Sir William at Six Months

Autumn has wrapped her coat of many colors around HillCroft Stables. Browns, yellows, and reds foretell the change of season as well as the geese flying south for more pleasant weather.




As the seasons have changed, so has William. He turned sixth months old in October. His mother – Marnie, decided it was time for him to have his own stall. She moved to the upper barn and William remained in the lower barn. He now has the hay and grain all to himself!

He enjoys grazing in the outdoor areas with the other horses getting those last luscious blades of grass.




Manners for William

He is learning how to walk along on a lead line; how to be patient when fed – no pushing or rushing to get his little nose in his feed; and generally how to be a well-mannered colt.


William is getting his hooves cared for like the big guys. He is learning how to stand in the aisle and have the barefoot farrier work on his hooves. Michelle Collins (Balanced Barefoot from Galway, NY) trims William’s hooves with a practiced eye to balance, development, and movement.

Handsome William stands patiently while Michelle Collins discusses her approach to trimming William’s hooves with Sally Bauder.



On another visit, William stands in the indoor area with Karol McCarty, Michelle Collins, and Amy Hadsell. (Perhaps he thinks Amy has a treat for him? )


Amy and Sir William having a quiet moment before he has to go back to his stall.


The sky may broil with the clouds of fall. The temperature may drop a bit along with a little rain, but the weather is no deterrent at HillCroft Stables. Clients gather for lessons, to participate in Centered Riding clinics, and share the special camaraderie that exists at HillCroft Stables. The barn is a busy place.

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